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Touring St. Augustine Florida

Things to Do in St Augustine, Florida

Simon says for a long lasting memorable live history lesson put on your walking shoes. Saunter down streets overflowing with heritage and filled with cultural marvels. Visit the oldest house at the corner of Charlotte and St. Francis Street and find out why there are no entry doors on Spanish houses on the street side. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars - but go directly to jail. While touring the old jail taste the delicious wares offered, without a file baked inside. If the feast at the jail was not enough pluck a pickle from the huge crock at the oldest store museum. Original stock items Castillo de San Marcos National Museum in St. Augustine Florida still line the shelves at the store which is complete with an ornate wood stove. Browse through what was once the world's largest swimming pool and choose a special antique.

Watch the schoolmaster as he teaches his students in a one room building. At this point if those oh-so-comfortable walking shoes have lost a little of the cushion, head for the Fountain of Youth.

Historic St Augustine Narrated Tours

St. Augustine offers a variety of transportation modes besides the feet. A carriage stand is located along the bayfront. Ride in a horse drawn carriage for a narrated 2 1/2 mile tour. An impressive narrated trolley tour starts at the visitor center. It travels through town at designated stops and pick-up points. You can get on and off at your own pace. One can opt to ride the trolley for the complete cycle and check out particular sites and discharge on the second trip. While on the trolley tour you will visit the "Senator," and travel down a street which National Geographic stated as one of the most beautiful streets in America. Limbs are interlocked and form a canopy over the roadway.

Sightseeing trains are in a close proximity to the visitor center. The Downtown St. Augustine tours are narrated and stop at all major attractions. Personalized bicycle tours are provided by the Penny Farthington Inn. Cruise the tranquil Matanzas Bay on the Victory 111 narrated by third and fourth generation captains of the Minorcan Usina family. Special tours include "A Ghostly Experience," with guides in period costumes. A self guided walking tour leads one almost instantly to the aroma of fresh baked bread at the Spanish bakery. Then, follow the sweet chocolate flavor to the Whetstone chocolate factory for a tour, video and quite possibly a sample.

St Augustine's Historic Museums

Set your compass toward Flagler College and wonder how it would be to stay in immense building without air-conditioning. Henry Flagler's many landmarks are scattered through the city. Hotels built for the wealthy, hotels built for the not so wealthy and churches built for loved one's. Cross over to King Street and meander through Zorayda Castle. On George Street visit the restored Spanish Quarter Museum and watch the recreation of daily lifestyles of the Spanish soldiers and settlers of the 18th. century.

Simon says take two careful steps backwards when you come face to face St Augustine Fishing with Gomek. And take 219 steps to the top of the Lighthouse Museum. Beware of mirrors at Ripley's Believe It or Not. One never knows what or who is lurking behind that mirror. Is that really Elvis standing next to Henry the eighth? It must be Potter's Wax Museum.

St Augustine's Historic Accommodations

Your choices for accommodations are as diverse as the city itself. Choose one of the multitude of charming Bed and Breakfast Inns. Stay at the Castle and be treated like royalty or a classic Victorian Inn. Necessities like garden spas, whirlpool tubs, roman tubs, claw footed tubs, fireplaces, balconies overlooking spectacular views of Matanzas Bay, and hospitality beyond comparison await your visit. Major motels, resorts, condominiums, fishing camps and camping facilities are in abundance in and near St. Augustine.

So many choices make the decision "Where do we eat?" extremely difficult. Fast food, seafood, steakhouses, vegetarian, ethnic cuisine, natural foods, coffee houses, delis, bakeries, bar-b-que, pastry shops, and Mom and Pop's buffet are a few of the offerings. A unique restaurant is on the pier where one can watch the dolphins come Sunset Grille in St Augustine for their evening meal which is fed to them through the trap door in the floor. Try the Florida Cracker Cafe for coconut fried shrimp and key lime pie. Acoustic guitar played Friday - Sunday at 5:00 pm.

Simon says visit this enchanting, educational, historical and exciting place in suspended time.

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