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Historic Tallahassee Building

About Tallahassee

In 1824 Tallahassee was chosen as the new capital of Florida. Follow rural winding country roads meandering around rolling hills and eventually you wind up at the state capital.

Tallahassee's Original Antebellum Plantations

Tallahassee sits halfway between Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico. Winters can be quite cool and with the heat of summer a gulf breeze can creep ashore. Streets lined Florida State University in Tallahassee with massive live oaks draped in Spanish moss crisscross through the downtown area. Original antebellum plantations are concentrated in this area. Sophistication, southern charm and historical landmarks await your arrival in the capital city. Tallahassee is home to two state universities.

Your first stop should be the Convention and Visitors Bureau to obtain maps and brochures. A self-guided driving and walking tour brochure is available. Many of the sights are within walking distance in the downtown area. A good alternative is the Old Town Trolley (FREE) for some or all of your travel. This mode of transportation is for the downtown district and only runs on weekdays.

Tallahassee has Five Canopy Roads

The center also provides maps to the canopy roads leading to the outskirts Tallahassee Civic Center of the city. There are officially five Canopy roads, which are narrow and curvy. Pack a picnic because these roads are tranquil and contain few eateries. Mules traveled down these dirt country roads back in the 1800's. Plantation owners planted the oaks to provide shade for the mules on their long hot journeys to the gulf.

Historic Tallahassee

The First Presbyterian Church is the oldest house of worship. It was built in 1838 and became a refuge for the townsfolk during the Seminole raids. Adams Street Commons is a beautiful brick paved area featuring astounding landscapes and excellent Tallahassee hotels and restaurants. The Governor's Club, a 1900's Masonic Lodge and Gallie's Hall have all been restored adding to the historic atmosphere.

Tallahassee Tours

Tours of the new Capital are available on a daily basis. Ride the elevator to the 22nd floor observatory and enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico. The Old Capital has been restored and features exhibits pertaining to political history. After visiting both capitals tour the Old Union Bank, built around 1840.

The Old City Cemetery contains the graves of pioneers, slaves and both Union and Confederate soldiers. Tombstones at the cemetery date back to 1829. St. John's Episcopal Cemetery is the final resting place for Prince Achille Murat, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife.

The Governor's Mansion provides tours three days a week during the legislative sessions. Several streets in Tallahassee resemble a tunnel topiary by live oaks. There are numerous Museums to visit in Tallahassee. The Knott House (The House That Rhymes) has the nation's largest collection of gilt-framed mirrors. And the eccentric rhymes written by Mrs. Knott are attached to tables, chairs and lamps by satin ribbons. You will find several archeological sites in the area. The San Luis Archeological and Historical Site has interpretive displays throughout the 60 acres and inside the visitors center.

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